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We’re glad you’ve been led here to learn about the services we offer.  We offer Aquatic massage, Thai massage and/or traditional Swedish/Deep Tissue massage on a table.

Our speciality is Aquatic massage which is an unique form of massage done in body temperature warm water in our private indoor pool. Which can then be followed by with either a Thai massage or a Swedish/Deep Tissue massage on a table, or just receive any of these by themselves.

Our approach and intention through all of our services is to offer an exquisite experience that results in a deep level of relaxation.  We believe that when one deepens into an experience of relaxation, this is when the body/mind lets go and surrenders.  Just as in meditation the longer you let go and surrender into relaxing the deeper you go into the experience.

This is why our favorite session to give is a 2 hour journey starting in the water and ending on land, so one can really deepen into a space of relaxing and letting go.

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What People Are Saying

“Brian is a wonderful healer and body worker. His work involves a deep sense of the body and what it needs.” Zen DeBrucke

Transformational Coach, www.Zeninamoment.com

“As a Yoga teacher, I spend a lot of time working on my physcial body.  When I received a massage from Brian, my whole body had a sense of release and openness to it.” David Lurey

Yoga Teacher, www.FindBalance.net

“Kasia is a gifted bodyworker who creates a safe space to receive. The aquatic body work was a profound & unique experience.” Shane Scaglione

Yoga Instructor, www.8LimbedYoga.com

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