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Below are our current In-Call rates.  We do offer Out-Calls which the Out-Call fee will vary so just call or email to get a quote.

60min for $110,  90min for $160  and 2 hour for $200

There is an additional rate of $20 for a session that includes work in the water.

You can purchase a Gift Certificate at these rates by Credit Card over the phone and will be mailed to you or whomever you want to receive the Gift Certificate.

The length of your session includes a quick intake and transition time on both ends.  Basically, just like any other spa, a 60min session is not 60mins of hands on.   However we tend to be generous and go over a bit but we can’t always promise we will.

We have Package Plans stated below available that can save you $440 and go as low as $78 an hour (not including $20 per session for water work), they can also be given out as Gift Certificates if you want to receive a few of them and gift out a few.

Our current Package Plan rates are as follows (these do not include the $20 cost for each session that includes time in the water):

Three 60min: $290 ($96/hr) Save $40

Five 60min: $470 ($94/hr) Save $80

Ten 60min: $900 ($90/hr) Save $200

Three 90min: $420 ($93/hr) Save $60

Five 90min: $680 ($91/hr) Save $120

Ten 90min: $1290 ($86/hr) Save $310

Three 2 hour: $510 ($85/hr) Save $90

Five 2 hour: $820 ($82/hr) Save $180

Ten 2 hour: $1560 ($78/hr) Save $440

“Kasia is a gifted bodyworker who creates a safe space to receive. The aquatic body work was a profound & unique experience.”  Shane Scaglione, Yoga Instructor

Yoga Instructor, www.8LimbedYoga.com

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