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Aquatic Massage is a form of massage done in warm water. We have private indoor pool that we heat to body temperature (98 degrees), just perfect so you can be in there for an hour or longer and you won’t get cold at all or too hot, the same temperature you spent 9 months in the womb.

This form can be described as a symphony of being softly swirled through the warm water with assisted gentle stretches, nurturing holds and supported flowing movement.  Sometimes working with the inhales and exhales of every breath.  There is some amount of massage incorporated but the majority is focused on movements and holding.  

Common experiences include profound levels of relaxation, natural spinal adjustments/lengthening, letting go of the mind, feeling deeply nurtured, emotional releases and a healing sense of returning to the womb or infancy like state.

As you can see in the photos and the video on the main page, Aquatic Massage, by its nature, is more physically intimate than most massage modalities.  For many, that physical intimacy is very nurturing, especially when one goes into a younger child or infant state.  For others, it is just deeply relaxing to allow the body to get out of gravity and all the body to fully relax into the buoyancy of the water.  

It’s a great way to start our favorite 2 hour journey so that your body is warmed up from the water and in a relaxed and receptive state to continue receiving through either Thai massage or Swedish/Deep Tissue on a table.  

It is also completely enjoyable just by itself for an hour which is all done above the water or in 90 minute session you can experience being taken on a journey under the water (with nose clips on).  If you’ve never experienced this work but have tried many other massage modalities, we highly recommend trying it at least once.

“Kasia is a gifted bodyworker who creates a safe space to receive. The aquatic body work was a profound & unique experience.”  Shane Scaglione

Yoga Instructor,

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