Directions & Preparation


Please bring your swim suit, a towel for yourself and an extra for your child if you want, we will supply everything else.  Please do not were any type of perfume/cologne as it is a scent free space for those with sensitivities.  Also no lotions, creams, olds or any other body products on you or your child.  Avoid any feeding 30mins before class.                                                                                                              
If you’re able to, please come freshly showered but if you’re not able to you can shower here.  We only have one restroom (which is up a flight of stairs) so it will help with getting everyone in the pool quickly.  If you do shower before or after, please take a military shower (under 2 minutes).  Arrive on the time stated for your class, we’ll get in the pool together 15mins after your arrival and be in the water for 30mins for the class.                                                                                                                                                                                                  
We are really committed to being as environmentally responsible as possible so we will supply reusable swim diapers for each child and will be washing them with bleach before another child would wear them but feel free to bring your own swimming diapers if you prefer.  The pool is sanitized through a salt converter so there isn’t any smell of chlorine or burning eyes so taking a shower afterwards isn’t necessary.



The address is 2875 Glascock St. Oakland 94601.  We’re on the corner of 29th Ave. and Glascock St. next to the 4 story building kitty corner to the 7-11.  Also if you’re coming south on 880, we recommend getting off at Fruitvale Ave. exit rather than the 23rd Ave exit so you don’t have to cross over the traffic on 29th Ave.

Parking is normally easy other than during street cleaning times.  If you have trouble finding parking, there’s normally spots in front of 420 Peterson St. or in the parking lot on the corner of Glascock St and Derby Ave. next to the giant mural.

Once parked, walk through the pedestrian gate of our complex (see photo below) between the two car gates. Stay in the parking lot, do not walk through the middle breeze way, our double doors face the parking lot, #101, second set of double doors to the left of the breeze way.

Email us at if you don’t have GPS and need written directions.

Call us at 510-919-6432 if you have any issues.


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