Brian O’Connell

Brian O’Connell is the founder of Aquatic Touch and Couples Touch.  He studied at Crestone Healing Arts Center in Colorado during the Spring and Summer of 2002.  He was surprised to find an affinity with Shiatsu and Tsubo, both practiced on the floor. Two years after graduating he spontaneously gave a 3 hour session to someone all on the floor, intuitively creating moves he’d never done or learned and fell in love with working on the ground.  He developed a unique form of Improvisational Thai Massage that was a natural blend of Thai, Sports, Breema and Swedish/Deep Tissue.  Working at a spa for the first 2 years in the Bay Area he honed his Swedish/Deep Tissue skills working on a table also.

During the first 5 years in the Bay Area he made monthly visits to Harbin Hot Springs where he practiced Aquatic Bodywork by giving to anyone and everyone willing to receive. Applying his knowledge and intuition through doing bodywork on the land to the water, he learned and honed his skills on how to facilitate an incredible body journey in water.  After 5 years of self training, he installed an indoor pool 10 years ago to begin offering this unique service as part of his practice.

He also personally created  the very unique form of Thai Couples Massage over 13 years ago and is excited to be able to offer that alongsice Aquatic Bodywork for couples together.

Kasia Kaczmarska

Kasia grew up in Krakow, Poland where her father was a practicing massage therapist, having learned techniques that developed out of Russia where there is a long history and culture of massage as a healing modality.  Her father taught her from a very young age his skills and techniques.  During her teenage years she easily started up her own practice through friends.  She met Brian a year after moving to the USA when she was 25 where he trained her further in all the modalities he’s been practicing for 15 years.  She continues to love giving massage as she has since a very young age and especially now with Brian offering services together for couples and on her own.

“Brian is a wonderful healer and body worker. His work involves a deep sense of the body and what it needs.” 

Zen DeBrucke, Transformational Coach

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